5 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket this Fall!

Nothing feels better than cozying up in your favourite blanket with a good book or movie, and some warm tea! Sometimes our favourite blankets don't always look as good as they feel. With Benji's new Ultra-Plush Throw Blankets you wont have to sacrifice comfort for style!


These reversible blankets come in 3 colors that will match any space. They are hypoallergenic, easy to wash, and SO damn soft!


Here are 5 of our favourite design tips for a chic display.



Nothing makes a bed look more complete than having a throw placed along the bottom.  You can have this folded in half across the end of the bed. You can also opt for a more casual look by laying the blanket over one of the bottom corners. 



A couch will always look more inviting when you have its core accessories - pillows and blankets!

For an effortlessly cozy look - loosely drape the throw along one of the arms of the couch. You can add a pillow over top or leave it be. For a more polished and clean look fold the throw neatly into a long rectangular shape. Take the folded blanket and hang it over the arm of the couch. Place some pillows in each corner of the couch to complete the look. 


Folded & Tucked 

This is a great option if you are a pet owner who generously shares your couch. Also a perfect barrier for kids. Fold the blanket evenly and place it over the main cushions of your couch. Then simply tuck the blanket into the cracks to secure the blanket in place. This will add some dimension and a pop of color to your couch as well as an added layer of protection - any couch messes will no longer be a nightmare when you can pull up the blanket and stick it in the wash. 


Rolled-up Basket

If you prefer a more decluttered look, or simply have too many blankets to display, a basket is a great design and organizational add. Simply fold and roll up the blankets. Lay them aesthetically into a basket. Tidy, tucked, and accessible. 


Nursery Decor

A throw blanket makes for a great nursery prop as it really ties the cozy feel in. You can have the blanket folded and hanging over the front of the crib (if your little one is not yet sleeping in the crib of course). Alternatively, a throw blanket on, or by, your nursing chair will not only look, good but will be a great addition to a spot you will want to be your comfiest in. 



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