Why You Should Buy Your Bedding Online!

Why You Should Buy Your Bedding Online!

The last time you bought bedsheets you probably visited your nearest major department store. As you stood in front of a wall full of options you were probably wondering how to differentiate them. There are thread counts, brand names and different fabrics… but which ones are the best bang for your buck? The fact is that those are the sheets you will be sleeping in for the foreseeable future. 

 So... what are you really paying for when you pay for brick and mortar bed sheets you may ask?


The Store Itself

Brick and mortar stores have large overhead cost that are paid for by you guessed it, the customer. Rent, staff, hydro etc.. these costs add up quickly and drive up the price of your bedding substantially. Say hello to the direct-to-consumer approach! Companies like Benji have done the work for you and cut out the extra costs associated with bricks and mortar stores by selling strictly online.


Brand names

Designer names and brands you may associate with are all tied to a high markup that many manufacturers pay a licensing fee for in order to sell those brands. Bedding bundles that would normally cost you $100 are now “on sale” for $400.  Licensing deals from major brands cost department stores thousands and are then passed onto you. On the flip side, many big box stores also offer “private label” options that are extremely inexpensive and lack the necessary quality you want and need from your bedding. Much of this inventory is comprised of left over stock from unsold, low end distribution channels.


The Myth of Thread Count

Don't be fooled about thread count! A standard grade sheet set is usually around 250 thread count. There are 125 running up and down and 125 running side to side. These threads are all intertwined and woven together which makes up for the 250 thread count. The reality is that when you purchase a sheet set with an 800 thread count, the manufacturer has actually just spun extra (cheaper) threads into the main weave and multiplied the thread count. This in turn jeopardizes the softness and quality of the fabric!


Convenience and Quality

We have done the work for you!

Good news is that there is another option! Benji sleep doesn't have a brick and mortar store, licensing fees, and uses only the best microfiber bed sheets available! We set out to simplify the entire process by eliminating your trip to the big-box store, debunking the myths around thread count and offering high-quality, versatile and affordable bedding ALL online.


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Ben & Mark
Brothers and Co-Founders of Benji Sleep


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