6 Reasons Benji is the BEST Bedding for your Dorm Room

Back to school is almost here. And if you are returning to college or university, that means getting not just the essentials for class but your room too! Getting a dreary dorm room to feel like home can be difficult, but Benji is here to help - these are six reasons why our sheets are the perfect dorm room pick. 




1) Twin XL vs Twin?

Did you know that most dorms do not have a traditional Twin size bed? If you were surprised to learn that you're with several frustrated parents and excited first year students who cannot seem to fit their new twin sheet set on their dorm room bed. Most common retailers only make the standard twin fit! Benji sheets actually come in the twin XL fit which is the exact size of all standard dorm room beds. Not only will these sheets save you loads of time trying to make too small or big sheets work on your bed but the comfort that comes with correctly fitted bedding is paramount. 




2) Easy Care & Wash!

Don't be the freshman with gross sheets! Benji sheets are easy to wash, quick-drying, wrinkle-free, and durable. So you won't have the hassle of half-dried sheets and constant damage from university washers. Plus, Benji's smart fabric microfiber design means that you will have to wash your sheets less often. Our microfiber fabric is moisture wicking and hypoallergenic meaning your sheets won't absorb sweat or dust... perfect for a new student who does not have laundry day as a priority on they're schedule. 




3) Affordable Price $

When it comes to what you want to spend money on at school, sheets probably aren't at the top of your list. Luckily Benji sheets are super affordable and super high quality. So not only will you save on the initial purchase, but you'll be able to keep them for a long time. 




4) Temperature Regulating

Dorms aren't known for their luxe amenities, and this sometimes means no AC in the summer and barely functional heating in the winter. Benji sheets are temperature-controlled, moisture wicking for the summer and cozy for the winter. You don't have to worry about a sleepless night before an exam or big game with Benji sheets.





5) Perfect Gift! 

Benji sheets come packaged in a reusable bag; this cute bundle style packaging makes a perfect gift for that dorm-bound scholar in your life! The compact packaging allows for easy and discreet transport on move in day and to the laundry room... aka back home to your parents!   





6) Cozy up when your homesick!

Last but certainly not least! The cinder block walls and outdated furniture found in most dorm rooms can make anyone feel homesick. Benji's super soft sheets will help you combat the dorm room blues; you'll feel like you are in a luxury bed rather than on a school mattress. Cuddle up in your cozy sheets, put on some Netflix, and your sure to feel like your back at home.  


Click here for our price reduced bundle option! Mix and match fun colors for your sheet set + duvet set, and even add our comfy down alternative comforters and pillows to your order! 

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