I Tried “The Softest Damn Sheets” from Benji Sleep

I Tried “The Softest Damn Sheets” from Benji Sleep

Sleep has a significant impact on how we live and function in our everyday lives. While we all need different amounts of it, there’s no denying its importance when it comes to stress, mental health and overall well-being—good quality sleep is everything. 

survey found that one in two Canadian adults have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep and one in five don’t find their sleep refreshing at all. You’ve tried melatonin, meditation, exercising and every sleep aid under the sun. Perhaps you’ve given up caffeine, bought earplugs and sleeping masks, or dedicated yourself to strict bedtimes, but nothing has worked. Maybe, just maybe, the magic is in your bedsheets.

The right set of sheets can make or break your sleep quality. A proudly Canadian-owned brand, Benji Sleep has been giving big-box stores a run for their money with high-quality sheets and lower price points. Started by two brothers looking to disrupt the status quo of bedding, Benji promises theirs are “the softest bed sheets you’ve ever slept in.” But don’t just take their word for it.

“Sleeping in Benji sheets made me want to spend more time in bed,” fitness trainer Steph Currie says. “They made me appreciate crawling into bed early and enjoy sleeping in extra late.” An added bonus, she says? Her dog loves the sheets, too, and joins her every night.

“Everything impresses me, from the branding to the quality to the softness was on point,” Currie says. “Their tagline doesn’t lie.”

Made in colours from white and navy to pink and in patterns like pinstripe and dots, the Benji Sheet Set has more than 2000+ reviews and a near-perfect rating. Benji sheets are made from ultra-soft luxurious, temperature regulating, wrinkle-free, hypoallergenic, quick-drying and even recyclable Smart Fabric. These sheets are designed to regulate cool and warm body temperatures for a personalized, comfortable sleep. As they say: helping cold sleepers sleep warm, and warm sleepers sleep cool with their sheets.

“Without a doubt, [they’re] so damn soft,” fashion and lifestyle blogger Matt R. Edwards says. “Honestly, I could feel that right away, even before the first sleep… Just like a luxurious bedding brand.”

“Once I slept in them, I felt more relaxed.”

If the promise of good sleep isn’t enough, expect big savings, too. Benji Sleep sells their product entirely online, meaning they’ve removed the middleman and passed on the savings to their customers—you. Their high-quality sheets last longer than leading big-box stores, putting the high-thread-count myth to bed. Instead, they use a high-performance, athletic-grade smart fabric that’s buttery soft and won’t break the bank. Get even more bang for your buck by bundling some of their best products using their new bundle page. You can even up your pillow talk game with Benji’s new down-alternative comforter and pillow set.

Mom blogger Alina Martin was struggling to find a Canadian brand of bedding for her main bedroom. Not one to buy new sheets often, she was searching high-and-low for quality sheets that would stand the test of time.

“The sheets I had in the past were just a random company I found online. The one thing that drove me nuts was constantly fixing the sheets,” Martin says. “We haven’t had that problem since… even before washing them, I knew I was going to love them.”

“If you’ve never slept on a cloud, this is what it feels like.”

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