Don't Be Fooled by Thread Count!

Don't Be Fooled by Thread Count!

The higher the thread count the better the bed sheets, right? Wrong.

Everything you have been told about thread count is a big fat lie. A high thread count has always been tied to high price tags and those high price tags are supposed to mean high quality sheets that lead to a better/softer sleep. The reality is that the traditional bedding companies have found several ways to inflate thread counts leading to increased profits.


Want to know how it actually works?


A standard grade sheet set is usually around 250 thread count. There are 125 running up and down and 125 running side to side. These threads are all intertwined and woven together which makes up for the 250 thread count. The reality is that when you purchase a sheet set with an 800 thread count, the manufacturer has actually just spun extra (cheaper) threads into the main weave and multiplied the thread count.

Adding the extra cheap thread yields a thick sheet that limits how the air flows through the threads. The cheaper threads will break down over time and the quality of the sheets diminish over time, making them abrasive to your skin.

The good news is that there is a new kid on the block, Benij Sleep! Benji's microfiber doesn't use thread count to determine the quality of sheets you're buying. Our microfiber is made using a synthetic fiber that NEEDS to to be thinner than 1 denier (⅕ the diameter of a human hair) to be considered microfiber. When these fibers are woven and brushed properly, it means you always know that your sheets are going to be the softest sheets available and won't cost you an arm and a leg! Learn More


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