What you need to know about Microfiber Bedding

What you need to know about Microfiber Bedding

There is nothing worse than getting home after a long day at work and climbing into a bed that isn’t set up to give you the best night's sleep! You spend ⅓ of your life sleeping, so why is it that we don't spend more time searching for the best sleep possible?  Deciding what type of bed sheets to buy usually happens when you are in the store looking at a shelf full of cotton sheets, but did you know there is another option that will give you an extremely soft sleep without breaking the bank?

One of the newest trends in the bedding industry is called microfiber! Benji's microfiber is an extremely fine fiber. Microfiber is thinner than a deiner (which is used to calculate the thickness of fiber) and is almost ⅕ the diameter of a human hair which gives it its softness and light texture. When all of these fibers are woven together it creates a strong and incredibly soft fabric . Microfiber is hypoallergenic and moisture wicking, which allows for your body to sleep soundly night in and night out. 


The traditional bedding industry has always told us that a high thread count creates the best/softest sheets. The problem is that high thread count comes with a high price tag, and thread count isn’t as important as they want you to believe.  If the high price of cotton sheets are a concern, then Benji microfiber sheets offers a softer option at a fraction of the price. Cotton needs to be grown, harvested and spun. All of these costs are passed onto you, the consumer. Benji's microfiber offers a softer,inexpensive option, that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t made the change sooner! Dont believe us? We offer a risk free 100 night sleep trial! Learn More


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