How to become “That girl” 

"That girl wakes up and meditates on a yoga mat facing the sun. That girl makes her bed, blends a kale and matcha smoothie to drink with her avocado toast, and follows it up with a well-curated journaling session. That girl is the queen of romanticizing her life — the girl who naturally has all her sh*t together." - Bustle 

The only thing that seems more exhausting than being "that girl" is trying to be "that girl". But don't worry, here are some of our simplified tips on how to become your own version of "that girl". 


Get a good night's sleep! 


Sleep is extremely crucial to every aspect in our lives. Lack of sleep can impact productivity, energy levels, eating habits, and even hormonal regulation. In order to get your life together, you're going to have to get yourself into the right headspace. So, step one: sleep well! ... p.s. easiest done when using Benji Sheets 😉


Establish a routine


This goes hand in hand with getting a good night's sleep. Set a schedule and stick to it. Studies show it takes 21 days to set a habit and habits are the key to consistency. So, in order to become “that girl” you're going to have to follow a routine until it ‘sticks’. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day so that your body gets into somewhat of a flow state.


Plan your weekdays ahead of time 


Most of us have school or a job that takes up a large portion of the day. Plan out your week to include your daily goals - workout, groceries, cleaning, laundry, etc - and make them work around any other commitments you might have. Don't skip days, try to maintain that consistency. You are training yourself to always complete your goals for the day no matter what the circumstances. Eventually, it won't feel so taxing, it will feel normal. 


Incorporate Excercise daily


You don't have to go from couch potato to Daisy Keech overnight; But, you do need to schedule a time slot every day to move your body. Put on a podcast, audiobook, or playlist and go on a hot girl walk. Do a YouTube workout in your living room. Sign up for a reformer pilates class. Whatever it is that entices you that day (as Nike says) just do it! The internet has pretty much forced us into knowing all ‘the health benefits of working out’ … so do it for you, your brain, your mood, for fun, and of course for your “that girl” bod. 


Shower every day


I am throwing this one in because there are a lot of deniers in this category. I am not saying you need to wash your hair every day but, do make it a habit to shower your body daily. This will help keep your skin clear, your body feeling refreshed, and your sheets cleaner for longer.


Keep your space tidy


There are two types of people in this world. The ones who don't make their beds every day, and the ones who turned making their beds into a personality trait. Ok… so yes, there are psychological benefits of successful task completion first thing in the morning. However, I'd say a fair alternative is just doing a 5-ish minute tidy of your space daily. Hang up that sweater. Collect the garbage piles. Bring your cups to the kitchen. Keep the intention of tidying your space daily and it will have a similar effect, bed made or not. Plus, Benji's wrinkle-free material makes it easy for your bed to look great without a lot of effort. 


So, what are your hobbies? 


What a dreadful question! I watch TV and eat food with my friends, how about you? Well, maybe for your own sake you could consider picking up a hobby. After all, “that girl” probably has a secret famous art account. So, choose anything! Knitting, basket weaving, basketball, baseball, twilight fanfic… whatever you want to do. Start spending a few minutes every day on something outside of your usual “hobbies” because life is short and having a niche hobby sounds cool. 


Final step: self-appointed title 


Now that you've completed these thorough steps you can officially call yourself “that girl”. Congratulations on joining the world as a functional adult… *cough* I mean as “that girl”! 

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