Travel Tips: Essentials VS Non-Essentials 

 When it comes to travelling or road trips we all aim to pack light… "only pack essentials" we tell ourselves. 


“Ok, so 3 nights means… 15 pairs of underwear, 2 pyjamas - 1 hot, 1 cold (I'm not sure how i’ll feel when I’m there) - a cozy outfit, a sporty outfit, maybe some nice dresses, should I bring my prom dress - I think it could be cool again? mmm, too much!.. ok but I probably should bring one evening dress juuust in case we end up at a fancy restaurant, wait do I bring heels then?... sandals are probably more versatile. Ok, so I guess that's it for the clothes - crap! my suitcase won't close. Am I even allowed to bring a suitcase?!” 


Um… yeah so back to the essentials. This is a statement far easier said than done. Here is a list of items we think you should and shouldn’t skimp on:



The Essentials 


Pillow or Pillowcases 

When it comes to not sleeping in your own bed, it is ok to set some boundaries on how much risk you’re willing to take. I would argue that although a mattress is key in long-term sleeping habits, your pillows are really what make or break every single night's sleep. Without your perfect pillow, you risk neck pains and sleepless nights. Not to mention you could get one of those dreadful smelly pillows… that stench is inescapable and will linger right under your nose all night. So, it's best just to not risk it. Bring your own pillow, sleep with it while your travel, and make it your favourite little travel companion. If however, the pillow is too bulky for you… our free pass here is to bring a freshly washed pillowcase as an alternative solution.  

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Sleep Mask

Whether you're travelling via train, plane, or automobile it never hurts to have a good quality sleeping mask. A sleep mask can provide sensory deprivation, eliminating extra distractions that may keep you awake. Long and short journeys can be exhausting or just plain boring. So, to be honest… might as well just get some extra shut eye. Indulge in some extra sleep but make sure it's enjoyable. You already have your pillow 😉 and with a comfortable sleep mask you will be set for a quick en route nap - something like this silky Benji sleep mask will work wonders. Click to shop! 


Water & Snacks

In my experience, it has never been a bad decision to make sure I have water and a snack. You know what has been a bad decision? Not having water and a snack. Ever been stuck on the tarmac for 9 hours….  Truly despairing! Can't get off the highway for at least another hour… RIP! Have to wait for the next food trolly… sorry the item you wanted is now sold out. Make snacks essential because no vacation needs a hangry fight to kick off the festivities. 


Appropriate Clothing

Packing is a key component of good travel. It is worth your while to perfect this skill. Look at the weather, understand what types of activities you will be doing, and be true to yourself. Plan accordingly and be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to what you need, and especially what you don't need.. or have never needed. This is not the time to be experimenting with your clothes. 


Personal Hygiene Items 

Depending on where you end up, toiletries may or may not be available. Our shampoos, creams, toothbrushes, etc., are all key contributors to our daily routine and for many have been carefully chosen. It is simply not worth it to skimp in this department because the last thing you want is products that are directly going to mess with your body, face, skin, or hair. Try a travel-size toiletries kit and bring smaller versions of what you know and love. Check out this cute travel kit! 


Chill Attitude ✌🏽

At the end of the day, nothing ruins the vibe more than unnecessary stress. Forgot something - no big deal, buy a replacement. Delays - I’ve got nowhere to go and all day to get there attitude. Bad weather - those are some cozy vibes. Try to not sweat the small stuff because in the end it probably won't make a significant difference. :)



The Non-Essentials 


Trendy outfits

I am really not sure what compels us to believe that vacation is the place where we will find our inner fashion icon. It's almost like we are so eager to romanticize going away that suddenly we envision a completely different world in which we have 3 outfit changes a day and are being photographed by the paparazzi. Sadly, I am here to tell you that you are still you on vacation and no one around is expecting anything else. So don't try to reinvent the wheel! If anything, pack the 5 outfits you always wear because clearly, that's what you feel great in. Plus, lucky for you no one around has ever seen them before so they are basically brand new again. 



All of your hair tools.

Most places these days, at the very least, have a blow dryer. Pick one hot tool and that's it! Let your hair be messier than usual and embody the free energy inspired by your travels. When you feel good you look good, so you probably don't even need the extra help. 


15 Pairs of shoes 

Shoes are heavy and take up soooo much space! Do yourself the favour and pick 3; You need one pair of running shoes, one nice shoe, and one neutral shoe. The end. 


Every Book You Got This Year

If you can’t decide on which book(s) from your sea of unread books to bring, chances are you should maybe bring zero. Are you really going to become a reader this vacation? Pick a good one and aim to get through it. Or, maybe accept that the zero-pound audiobook on your phone is probably best. If you are an avid reader then you already know your kindle is the optional book lover's choice.  


Extra Bag

Lets be real, this thing usually turns into the equivalent of your bedside drawer. A mish-mash of miscellaneous, which we can probably argue is all non-essential. Try to keep everything organized in your one main travel bag or suitcase. By doing this you will have everything in one place and alleviate the overflowing bags syndrome that we all know and hate. 



So in conclusion, the only travel essentials you need are your Benji Pillows and Sheets. Haha just joking, definitely don't forget your medications. Travelling and vacations will always come with a hint of stress so do yourself the favour and minimize the stress by following some of our simple tips. Bon voyage! 

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