NEW! Benji Ultra Soft Down Alternative Comforter and Pillow Set

The softest sheets on the market finally have something worthy of covering, introducing the new Benji Ultra - Soft Gel Fiber Down Alternative Comforter and Pillow Set. We couldn't find any duvets or pillow sets that we loved, so we decided to make our own!

Our Benji Ultra- Soft Gel Fiber Down Alternative Comforter is the perfect year-round comforter. The gel fiber feels exactly like down and is designed to keep warm sleepers from becoming too hot while still keeping cool sleepers cozy. Who doesn't love a lightweight material that delivers heavy-duty warmth when you need it. With the luxurious Benji feel our comforter feels like 1500 thread-count while still being durable and machine washable. Unlike down comforters your Benji comforter dries incredibly quickly. The best news is that your Benji comforter won't ball up; the comforter comes with corner Loops that line up perfectly with our duvet corner ties to keep everything in place! Click here to shop! 


The Benji Ultra- Soft Gel Fiber Down Alternative Pillow Set is made with a 300 thread count cotton shell. The pillows are a medium fill and provide softness and lift for all kinds of sleepers! Just like the comforter, our pillows are temperature regulating and provide airflow while you sleep. No need to flip your pillow for a cooler side! Because our pillow is made of gel fibre and not down, it is 100% machine washable and dries with no wrinkles or lumping. Trust us when we say your head and neck will thank you after a nights rest on these! Click here to shop!

Both the  Benji Ultra - Soft Gel Fiber Down Alternative Comforter and Benji Ultra -Soft Gel Fiber Down Alternative Pillow Set are Hypoallergenic, Wrinkle-Free, Quick-drying and Extremely quiet. The look and feel of down without all the downsides... get it? If you weren't already convinced these are the best Comforters and Pillows you've never slept on we also pride ourselves in the fact that all Benji products meet the Oeko-Tex Standard- 100, meaning they do not contain any harmful material or contaminants, and of course they are feather free! 

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