Overlooked yet simple! How your bed can improve your health

Overlooked yet simple! How your bed can improve your health

There is arguably no more important factor in health and wellness than a good night's sleep. Numerous studies have reflected the negative impact of poor sleep on not only health but overall daily mental performance. Did you know that sleeping 6 hours or less on a regular basis can cause the brain to function at a level equivalent to legal intoxication. The long term effects of this not only alter quality of life but also lead to serious neurodegenerative diseases. One poor night's rest can lead to limited mental capacity and irritability. Chronic insomnia can lead to an array of imbalances in your life such as unbalanced hormones and poor eating habits. So how do you get proactive and ensure you are getting the best night's rest? Many people tend to look towards factors like light, sound, and even mattress quality. But bedsheets, pillow shams, and duvet covers can all play a massive role in the quality of your sleep! Every aspect of your bed plays a significant role in the amount and quality of your sleep. When your bedding is made out of affordable, high-quality microfibre, you can ensure more restful hours of shut-eye each night. Let's review why each element of bedding is so essential.


Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are the base of any great sleeping arrangement. Not only does a fitted sheet protect your mattress, but it helps you stay cool and hygienic. Fitted sheets are always an essential and if you aren't already using one... I don't even know what to say! Skipping a fitted sheet is like getting dressed with no underwear. Its just poor hygiene! Benji sheets are naturally more absorbent than traditional sheets, which means more time between washes and more protection for you and your mattress. Click here to shop sheet sets! 


Flat Sheet

Flat sheets are too often overlooked when making a bed, but they play an essential role in maximizing comfort. Flat sheets allow you to regulate your body temperature and avoid using a heavy duvet in the summer months. They offer an additional layer in the winter months. And they are perfect for that hot and cold sleeper who needs both options in the middle of the night! Flat sheets also act as another layer between you and your duvet cover meaning you can get a tad more flexible on duvet wash & changes, something I think we all hate doing. Click here to shop top sheets! 


Pillow Cases & Shams

The importance of pillowcases and shams cannot be overstated. The skin on your face is some of the most delicate and sensitive of the entire body; however, it is also home to the most bacteria. As a result, night after night on the same unwashed pillow can lead to acne, allergies, and some dangerous infections. Soft and durable Benji pillow covers will save not just your skin but also your money. High absorbency microfibre means having to replace your pillows less. Although, having multiple pillowcase sets can be a great way to switch out bedding without having to do an entire wash. Not to mention the various colours and patterns of pillowcase sets Benji carries can make a fun decorative change here and there.  Click here to shop pillowcases!


Duvet Covers

There is nothing like a brand new comforter; warm, soft, and airy...so why not just leave it uncovered? If you want your duvet to retain that new feeling, a duvet cover is non-negotiable. Not only do covers protect duvets from stains and dust, but they also keep a duvet's structural integrity intact. Highly durable and absorbent microfibre means less need to wash or dry clean your duvet, potentially stretching its life by years. Not to mention, super soft and breathable Benji duvet covers will help to enhance your duvet experience. The combination of your fluffy comforter inside Benji duvet covers is a recipe for unlimited coziness! 

Having a few different duvet covers can help you spice up room decor as well! Click here to shop duvet covers!


While individually, each of these sheet elements plays a vital role in a good night's sleep, there is no question that all are essential for true nocturnal bliss!

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