Microfiber pillowcases, the perfect affordable alternative to silk?!

It is impossible to escape the silk pillowcase craze; Bloggers, influencers, and models have promised a silk pillowcase equals better hair and skin. But dermatologists and leading industry experts have claimed that although this may be true it's not exclusively silk but rather certain qualities associated with the material. 


When compared, microfiber, in place of pricey silk, will save your skin—not convinced? 

Let’s look at the facts: 

Did you know you shed about 500 million skin cells a day?! Not to mention that many of that slough off while you roll around in bed… yes, ew! As gross as this sounds, it’s unavoidable and indicative of healthy normal skin. This is why it is so important to be aware of how frequently you are washing your sheets. 

Dirty sheets can cause acne and several other skin sensitivities, such as eczema. They can also irritate pre-existing conditions such as dry skin and eczema. Between your body, your pets, or just life in general, our sheets tend to put up with a lot, and we all know that sometimes the time in between washes can be longer than we would like. Life gets busy, your bed stays cozy, and washing your sheets might not be at the top of your list, just one reason microfiber sheets can improve not just your physical appearance but your quality of life. 

Benji sheets are naturally less absorbent than traditional fabrics such as cotton and linen. Not only is this great if you consider yourself a sweaty sleeper, but it means that your sheets will stay cleaner for longer simply because they are less absorbent.

Clean, quality bedding is the true secret to maintaining clear skin. But what about wrinkles? Soft, high-quality fabrics prevent tugging and keep your skin from developing fine lines. The softer the sheets, the gentler they are on your skin. Cotton and bamboo sheets tend to be more abrasive by nature. If silk sheets are made incorrectly, they can fray and cause additional damage. Microfiber is soft but incredibly durable and affordable, making it one of the best options to combat ageing while you sleep.

Allergens are the leading cause of many skin conditions. Benji sheets are an excellent option for those looking to have limited allergen exposure from their bedding. Microfiber is used in dozens of products to reduce allergens. Additionally, microfiber sheets facilitate air flow much better than traditional sheet materials, another reason why Benji bed sheets are the best option for your skin!


When it comes to what your bedding is made of, there are dozens of options. Microfiber sheets, pillow, and duvet covers promote skin health and keep it looking good for years to come. Benji Sheets are made from a high performance, double brushed microfiber and can help you get a better sleep and healthier skin! Click here to shop microfibre pillowcases!



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