The best sheets for your Air BnB!

 A big reason why some people choose hotels over airbnbs is due to concerns of cleanliness and the certain intimacy involved in sleeping in a “strangers” space. You want to make your guests feel as though they can trust you are offering clean and cared for accommodations, especially when it comes to the bed they will be sleeping in.  


Cleanliness is likely a no-brainer however, the sheets you chose and the general presentation will play a significant role in making your guests feel they are having a luxurious and comfortable stay!


 Luxury bedding at a great price!

Now don't stress! You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy bedding. All you need is our Sheet Set and Duvet Cover Set… maybe even a Comforter and Pillow Set if you want the completed look. We offer Bundle pricing with a $10.00 saving for every additional product you add to your Bundle! 


 So damn soft! 

Benji bedding is without a doubt the softest bedding on the internet - don't believe us? Give it a try! We offer a 100-night sleep trial or your money back. That's how sure we are. If you want your guests to have the best stay ever make sure they are having the coziest sleep of their life! 


Temperature Regulating! 

When choosing your bedding, a durable set to last through the seasons is top priority after comfort. Not only are Benji sheets soft, they are also temperature regulating keeping warm sleepers cool and cool sleepers cozy! This is great for the varying preferences of your guests and removes the need for multiple bedding options in cold or hot months! On top of that, these sheets are sweat-wicking meaning they won't absorb sweat, dust, or dirt. Although this is great for the comfort of sweaty sleepers it is also valuable in extending the life of such a high-use item.  


Wrinkle Free! 

A huge bonus to microfiber is that these sheets don't wrinkle. The bedding is ready to put onto the bed straight out of the dryer, and will give a professional, hotel look - no ironing needed! Nobody likes messy-looking bedding, and you probably won't want to deal with wrinkly sheets with all the frequent washing you will be doing. 


 Fast Drying!

Wash with your favourite detergent, in cold water, then put them in the dryer on tumble dry. The easiest washing instructions for an ultra-luxurious feeling product. All of our products are machine wash safe. Microfiber bedding will dry in half the time that it takes other materials, such as highly absorbent cotton, which is key in saving time for quick turnovers between guests.


We are proud to have partnered with several airbnbs on the market! Join the Benji army and we will send you a custom discount code you can share with all your guests :) 


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