5 Things Every Bed Should Have

The key to a perfect bedroom lies at its heart: the bed. We famously spend two-thirds of our lives here, and it pays to pamper yourself when it comes to having the proper setup for your bed. Here are 5 things every bed should have:  



The key foundation is having a good sheet set. Although it is common to have a mattress protector, many opt for just a fitted sheet making it the sole barrier in protecting and extending the longevity of your mattress. With items that cannot be easily cleaned such as a mattress, it is important to consider the quality of your fitted sheet as it will provide an important layer of protection and absorption. For this reason, the fitted sheet should have a firm elastic around the perimeter of the to ensure that it stays in place. This is also important for optimizing comfort as there is nothing worse than dealing with a fitted sheet that will slip up and bunch under you when you're trying to get comfortable for the night. 

The flat sheet, overlooked and often cast aside, serves multiple beneficial roles and is a key component to a well-dressed bed. A flat sheet, similar to the fitted sheet, can act as an added barrier to minimize sweat and dirt exposure that would otherwise be directly in contact with the duvet. However, the more common purpose is to provide an in-between blanket option for those times when a full duvet might be too hot. Regulating the temperature of your body, room, and bed can be difficult, and struggling to find that perfect sleeping temperature is something no one is a stranger to. Temperature regulating material is a huge benefit, but when dealing with the complexities of an internal thermostat it's always best to have a few options available. 
No bed is complete without your favourite pillow, or pillows, to lie your head on. Not to mention a few extra to keep the bed looking fluffy and full - use a sham to give pillows a more polished look. I think we can all agree that goldilocks would have a field day trying to find the perfect pillow. When a pillow is often ‘too soft’ or ‘too hard',  we think she would choose our Benji Pillows as the pillow that is juuust right. Pillows and pillowcases are a bed nonnegotiable, and once again a pillowcase is important in providing a barrier between the pillow and all of its exposures to ensure longevity. Pillowcases offer comfort and can offer several skincare benefits as well. Click here to read why we recommend microfiber pillowcases for better skin!  
So far we have our fitted sheet, our flat sheet, and pillows. Some people will opt for a large blanket, a quilt, or a comforter/duvet to keep them cozy and warm! If you're looking to achieve the most comfortable bed, with that magazine-ready look, you’re going to want to go for a fluffy comforter/duvet option and of course a duvet cover for protection. A duvet cover is essential as it will be the top layer of your bed and will influence the overall design and look of the space. This is great because you can switch out the duvet cover whenever you're craving a style change! 



Lastly, no bed is complete with a beautiful throw blanket along the end of the bed. Not just for decoration, a throw blanket can be the perfect thing to cuddle up with for an afternoon nap or just general coziness! 


Every layer in your bed is there to optimize comfort while also offering protection to your higher-priced pieces such as pillows, mattresses, and duvet/comforters. Once you have all your core pieces, the only thing left is a lesson in how to assemble! 


Here is a styling walkthrough to really make sure your bed looks showroom ready: 
  1. Secure your fitted sheet on the mattress.
  2. Place 2 pillows, in pillowcases, at the head of the bed, propped up and leaning on the back wall or headboard (one on the right and one on the left). 
  3. Place 2 pillows, in Shams, in front of each of the 2 pillows from step 2. 
  4. Lay your flat sheet onto the bed and allow it to cover the pillows momentarily at the head of the bed. 
  5. Tuck the flat sheet in on the sides and along the foot of the bed. 
  6. Insert the comforter/duvet into the duvet cover.
  7. Lay your Duvet Cover + comforter onto the bed and allow it to cover the flat sheet, as well as the pillows.
  8. Now fold over the flat sheet together with the Duvet Cover + Comforter, creating a fold just below the pillows and shams. 
  9. Lay a blanket or throw along the foot of the bed.  
  10. Ta-da! Enjoy the most luxurious and well-made bed you’ve ever slept in! 



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