Your Bed is Not a Suitable Workstation, Here is Why.

Your Bed is Not a Suitable Workstation, Here is Why.

"Work from Home" Shouldn't Necessarily Mean "Work from Bed"

There’s something Pavlovian about all the beeps and buzzes that keep our bodies in a constant shift between relaxed and alert when it comes to mixing work and rest. By fostering a sense of urgency, we can never truly get our bodies to completely wind down, with the apprehension of another email or message calling to our attention.


Here's to why: Creating a healthy environment for downtime separate from your workspace is crucial to ensuring a positive resting space and more productive capacity outside of the bedroom.


Every person could benefit from less of a struggle to fall asleep when night falls, so teaching the brain to associate their bed with that oh-so-sweet slumber makes it all the simpler to cue the body to fully take a break when the time rolls around.


No Rules, No Problem


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With a place in the house that’s so personal, it becomes increasingly difficult to set individual boundaries and restrictions. When you’re in bed, it’s much easier to drop job oriented driving forces and kick up your feet at the lack of communal obligation, which makes it all the easier to become your own opponent.


At the office, you've got to keep up an image... No shirt, no service, as they say. It's okay to turn on the TV and passively watch Netflix while writing up a blog or two, but just not from the comfort of your soft bed. One second, you’ll be on paragraph 3 and the next you'll be catching z's, and missing out on some crucial hours of productivity.


Workplace Ergonomics and How it Affects You


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Simply put, proper ergonomics improves quality of work, increases your productivity, and can even create a better safety culture. You're probably thinking, I'm sold… but what is ergonomics? Well, it simply refers to the study of people's efficiency in a work environment. What ergonomics tells us through various studies is that through proper posture, distance, and support, that we can maintain a more sustainable work environment. Here are a few was you can maintain proper support while working from home:


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1. Keep those shoulders relaxed

2. Forearms and hands placed in a straight line

3. Your lower back should always be supported

4. The top of your computer screen should be right around eye level


You see, despite offering safety, comfort, and flexibility, working remotely can negatively impact your wellbeing and emotional health. We recommend continuing to get up each day build a morning routine, dress yourself up, and create a workstation that emulates the one you have at work.


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