Benji & The Environment!

Benji & The Environment!

It's 2020 and consumers are more informed than they ever have been in history. The economic sustainability of the products we purchase is not only in the forefront of our buying decisions, it is intertwined in the very “fabric” of our society.


At Benji we don't believe that smarter shopping should just be a priority, it should be the foundation of every decision we make. Our founders set out to find the softest sheets out there, but they also wanted to know they were environmentally friendly and ethically sourced!




When you choose Benji, you are choosing your environment:


Benji stands for customer confidence and high product safety. This is why we are proud to boast the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Label on all our products. This means our products do not contain and harmful material or contaminants!


Benji is certified with a SEDEX and BSCI Badges designated to businesses who are committed to ethical trade. This was one of our first steps in setting out to improve our responsible and sustainable business practises and well as source our product ethically.


In addition to this we adhere to the proud standards of the ISO Certification, a designation designed to ensure we are holding ourselves to the highest manufacturing standards.




Smart Micro-Fiber VS. Standard Cotton: The Benji Difference


The smart microfiber technology used in each Benji Sheet allows warm sleepers to stay cool and cool sleepers to stay cozy, all while providing the softest sheets we could possibly find!


Dirt Peddling Cotton:


Cotton pushes dirt and debris rather than picking it up and its organic materials can harbour odor and bacteria. Benji’s Smart Microfiber is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial for allergy suffers and sensitive skin.


Like A Fine Wine, Micro-Fiber is Better with Age:


Many shoppers don’t realize that standard cotton fabrics require a break-in period to disperse the cotton seed oil. Benji sheets come out of the box softer than anything you have ever slept on and are ready for snoozing!


Keeping Clean


High Performance Microfiber is very light weight when compared to cotton, which takes less time to dry and therefore requires less energy when washing and drying!


Save Water, and Pesticides.


A little-known fact about commercially grown cotton is that it uses millions of tonnes of water and about a fifth of the world’s pesticides to produce. The EPA classifies these chemicals among the most toxic chemicals. On a larger scale smart microfiber sheets help us all to do our part in reducing the amount of wasted clean water and protects our environment against harmful chemicals.


Sweet Sleeps Make for Sweeter Mornings


The conclusion: Considering sheets are an investment which can be used for many years, why not choose the softest damn sheets we could find! Not to mention, you will sleep easy knowing that you are choosing a product that takes less of a toll on the environment, practices ethical trade and manufacturing, all while supporting fellow Canadians!


Benji Sheets will be the softest sheets you have ever slept in, hands down! In fact, we are so confident you’ll sleep better that we want to let you try them for 100 nights risk free!


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