The best sheets for your Air BnB!

 A big reason why some people choose hotels over airbnbs is due to concerns of cleanliness and the certain intimacy involved in sleeping in a “strangers” space. You want to make your guests feel as though they can trust you are offering clean and cared for accommodations, especially when it comes to the bed they will be sleeping in.     Cleanliness is likely a no-brainer however, the sheets you chose and the general presentation will play a significant role in making your guests feel they are having a luxurious and comfortable stay!    Luxury bedding at a great price! Now...

5 Things Every Bed Should Have

The key to a perfect bedroom lies at its heart: the bed. We famously spend two-thirds of our lives here, and it pays to pamper yourself when it comes to having the proper setup for your bed. Here are 5 things every bed should have:       The key foundation is having a good sheet set. Although it is common to have a mattress protector, many opt for just a fitted sheet making it the sole barrier in protecting and extending the longevity of your mattress. With items that cannot be easily cleaned such as a mattress, it is important to consider...

Absorption properties of cotton and why they are bad for your skin!

Cotton garments can hold up to 27 times their weight in water! It takes only a couple of minutes for sweat to evaporate from our skin therefore a material that won't absorb sweat is the optimal choice for a dry and comfortable nights rest. When just under half the population is dealing with night sweats it seems impractical that cotton would be the most commonly advertised bedding fabric. 

I Tried “The Softest Damn Sheets” from Benji Sleep

I Tried “The Softest Damn Sheets” from Benji Sleep

Sleep has a significant impact on how we live and function in our everyday lives. While we all need different amounts of it, there’s no denying its importance when it comes to stress, mental health and overall well-being—good quality sleep is everything.  A survey found that one in two Canadian adults have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep and one in five don’t find their sleep refreshing at all. You’ve tried melatonin, meditation, exercising and every sleep aid under the sun. Perhaps you’ve given up caffeine, bought earplugs and sleeping masks, or dedicated yourself to strict bedtimes, but nothing has worked....

6 Reasons Benji is the BEST Bedding for your Dorm Room

Back to school is almost here. And if you are returning to college or university, that means getting not just the essentials for class but your room too! Getting a dreary dorm room to feel like home can be difficult, but Benji is here to help - these are six reasons why our sheets are the perfect dorm room pick.